One day we left everything behind and ran away to sea.

The Bosun grew up in Northern Indiana, in a town surrounded by fields and farmland. There was snow in the winter, fireflies in summer, and no ocean in sight.

Sarita Li grew up in the Mojave Desert, in a little pit stop town halfway between Vegas and LA... with no ocean in sight.

One day our paths crossed on a 103' sail boat in the Puget Sound, and our adventures took us to New York City, all over Connecticut and Long Island Sound, back to Indiana, and then, five years later, we came full circle and moved onto an antique wooden sailboat.

Our newest crew member, Keani Kai, joined us in 2011. He's still getting his sea legs. And his land legs.

When we were landlocked in Indiana, everything reminded us of the sea, and we realized that living in a farmhouse in the Midwest was no reason not to have authentic nautical decor. So we continued using the sailor arts and knot work that we had learned at sea, and made beautiful, functional pieces for our home. Since then, we have moved back to the coast, and our pieces have found homes in Massachusetts, New York, Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK, Los Angeles, Boothbay Harbor Maine, Atlanta, Nova Scotia and Ontario Canada, and most recently, Indianapolis Indiana!

We hope we've made something that you will love.

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